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VOC Control

EcoShield Environmental Systems is currently developing an innovative line of highly cost effective, energy efficient VOC control products.  This line of VOC control devices work by conversion rather than combustion and are therefore much more energy efficient than traditional technologies.  As a non-incineration technology, EcoShield's VOC Control technology works at ambient tempuratures, which increases workplace safety and does not contribute to the production of Green House Gasses.  The technology is scalable to effluent streams as low as 4 tons per year, or lower, and is particularly well suited to particulate laden streams such as paint overspray.

Planed Products

WaterWash Paint Booth VOC Control

Industrial Oven VOC Control

Restaurant Oven/Grill VOC Control

Wastewater / Groundwater VOC Stripper Reactor

Petro-chemical Process VOC Control

Petroleum Bulk Storage and Tranport Tank VOC Control

Key Benefits

  • Capital aquisition cost and cost to operate substantially below traditional technologies
  • Easily handles particulates in the airflow
  • Not an incineration technology
  • Small footprint
  • Scalable to very small, and very large emissions

Painting Operations

Pack up the Powder - stay as wet as you want to be.  We are currently developing a line of add-on equipment that, together with EcoShield's VOC Control Technology, will eliminate the need to switch to powder or other low VOC coatings.  Additional developments solve the perennial problem of paint overspray buildup in waterwash paint booths, the disposal of the resulting sludge, and the disposal of other leftover paint and solvents from coating operations.

Sludge Eater:

The Sluge Eater unit attaches to your waterwash paint booth and treats the water (without the additional of chemicals - that's a 2/3 decrease in sludge volume right away) to detackify paint overspray and detoxify the water, rendering the paint solids filterable and in most instances non-toxic (therefore no longer a hazardous waste).  This near zero-discharge system is a complete solution for paint booth operations: don't stop painting to change filters or dig out the water pan, let the Sludge Eater do it all for you.

Paint Eater:

Waste paint need no longer accumulate in your shop.  The Paint Eater consumes most commercial paints and renders them non-toxic and the remaining constituents are disposable by ordinary methods.

Key Benefits

  • Increased production efficiency.
  • Less down time.
  • Money saved.

Beta Testing

Our innovative, energy efficient systems for pollution prevention and control for the surface coating and VOC control markets are in development and will be entering beta field testing in the near future.  If you would like to be a beta-tester of our new non-incineration VOC control technology or our paint booth overspray control products, please contact us for a complimentary evaluation.

Information Request Form

If you would like more information about any of our products in development, or would like to be a beta tester, please let us know by filling out the form below, or by calling toll free 877-326-7443.  Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

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