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Joint Development Agreement Reached with SensaDyne to combine Cleaning Process Regeneration with Dynamic Surface Tension Measurement for Process Control  of Steady State Water Based Cleaning Processes in Industrial Manufacturing Parts Cleaning Processes

Steady-State Process Control to be Developed for EcoClean ACR System

May 3, 2000 -- Houston, Texas

SensaDyne Instruments ( is the leader in surface tension measurement technology.  On April 14, 2000, EcoShield Environmental and SensaDyne entered a joint development agreement to integrate their process analysis equipment with our EcoClean ACR (aqueous cleaner regeneration) system to create a unit capable of Steady State Cleaner Maintenance. Such a system will increase quality control in cleaning operations and will decrease manufacturing bottlenecks created by cleaning operations.

The Problem Identified

As a cleaner bath becomes contaminated its cleaning efficiency degrades to the point where the parts are no longer getting clean enough for the next manufacturing operation. Cleaning can still be improved by increasing residence time in the cleaning station, but that means slowing down the manufacturing line.  (Systems which continuously add new cleaning chemistry may achieve the same result, but are resource inefficient and may generate additional wastewater treatment requirements.)

Required quality or cleanliness is the constant. The line speed may be adjusted down to get as much use out of the cleaner as possible, but at a certain point, the costs to manufacturing efficiency due to the slower line exceed the costs of dumping the cleaner bath, treating the wastewater, and formulating a new cleaner bath.

The Problem Solved

By incorporating SensaDyne sensor equipment into the EcoClean ACR System, EcoShield will be able to measure the changes in cleaner efficiency in real time (i.e. measure how dirty the cleaner is getting) and apply just enough of our conversion agent to convert the contaminants into more soap, keeping the cleaning bath at a constant level of peak cleaning efficiency.

This result will allow manufacturing line speeds to be increased and quality control will be improved, while reducing watewater output, and allowing positive real time quality control.  The economic benefit is obvious.

This is another example of EcoShield Technology being Better, Faster, and Cheaper than traditional technologies, environmental or otherwise. This makes the joint development project a truly exciting turn of events.


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