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EcoClean ACR Systems            

Major benefits

Extends cleaning solution life
Improves and stabilizes cleaning solution performance
Reduces disposal costs
Reduces chemical consumption and costs
Decreases average cleaning cycle time
Decreases average energy cost per unit part cleaned
Increases average cleaned part work volume per hour
Can be integrated into EPA mandated P4 (Permanent Pollution Prevention Plans)

A true innovation

Using the EcoClean ACRS reactor system, organic oily contaminants are permanently chemically modified, turning them into surfactants and emulsifiers, thereby increasing the cleaner's ability to remove more oil, grease and dirt.  The EcoClean ACRS (Aqueous Cleaner Regeneration System) line of systems regenerates aqueous cleaning solutions in process, which creates a valuable emulsion cleaner, reduces wastewater generated, reduces make-up soap requirements, and increases operational uptime and throughput.

An alliance between environment and business

The conventional wisdom, that a dollar spent on anything environmental was a dollar lost, is no longer true.  The EcoClean ACR System, while easing environmental compliance by reducing wastewater volume and conserving resources, makes money by allowing for less maintenance and for more continuous uptime between servicing of cleaning machines.   Average cleaning cycle times become stable and fairly constant.  And because the system creates a high value emulsion cleaner, your parts will probably be cleaned better and faster than with the cleaner you are currently using.

Dollars and sense

With an EcoClean ACRS unit, there is less soap to buy and less wastewater and spent cleaner to dispose of or pretreat.  Depending upon the specific application, the improved emulsion cleaner created by the EcoClean ACR System will also allow cleaning operations to run at lower temperatures, and reduce average cleaning cycle times, thereby conserving energy and associated expenses.  With all that, it still costs less to run than the average home computer, or about $.44 cents per day.

Technical Data

Process Description

The EcoClean ACR System is appropriate for any system using a cleaner with neutral to basic pH, with organic based soils to be cleaned.

Size, configuration options, and accessories

Click here to download the new ACRS product specifications in PDF file format

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ACR Systems are currently available in two basic configurations:

1.  Two  self contained, wall mounted units for connection to pedestal parts washers and similar situations,  the ACRS-SPW  500 and 1000 are now available.  Options include plumbing connection kits, inlet filters, a floor stand, and an automatic pH controller are also available.

2.  Industrial class modular regeneration units for attachment to wash racks, cabinet washers or automated wash lines, with the base unit, the ACRS-HD10, and the ACRS-HD20, having twenty times the regeneration capacity of the ACRS-SPW1000.  Extensive customization is available with the addition of pre and post filtration, heating, pH and surface tension process control automation, and integrated bio reactor post treatment.

Regardless of volume or concentration there is an EcoClean ACR System to meet your needs.

Go With Experience

EcoShield engineers have decades of experience in cleaning process chemistry, wastewater treatment, pollution prevention technology implementation and practices. So clean up by adding EcoShield's experience to your armory. Then you can be as dirty as you need to be, as long as you have the shield – EcoShield.

na01607_.wmf (22926 bytes)EcoShield Announces Aqueous Cleaner Recyclability Testing Program

EcoShield is accepting samples for  its Aqueous Cleaner Regeneration Testing Facility in Houston (see Press Release), and has begun accepting samples.   To have your used aqueous cleaner sample considered for testing of its recyclability potential free of charge, just submit a form for prequalification screening.   Questions?  E-mail Mike McGinness or call toll free 877-ECOSHIELD.

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