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NEW! A Novel New Approach to VOC and HAP Emission Control

NEW! Achieving P4 Goals Using Ozone Reaction Chemistry and Dynamic Surface Tension Measurement in a New Process Control Scheme to Form Steady State Cleaning Processes

NEW! Preview the next months article in CleanTech Magazine on the new EPA MP&M (Metal Products and Machinery) rule for Waste Water Pretreatment

NEW! New Technology: Recycling Spent Cleaners Via Ozonolysis

Closed Loop Recycling of Aqueous Cleaning System Rinse Waters Using Reverse Osmosis, Ozone and Electrolysis

Regenerating Used Aqueous Cleaners with Ozone and Electrolysis

Recycling Used Cleaners and Rinses by Using Ozone and Electrolysis to Synthesize Surfactants

Minimizing Waste in Automotive Spray Washers Using Ozone and Electrolysis

Ozone and Electrolysis for Synthesizing Surfactants from Oil and Grease Contaminants

Coming Soon - more information on air pollution control, wastewater prevention, and industrial process sludge prevention and abatement.

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